• We are here to help create a bespoke and fitting day of remembrance – however individual your requests are.

    A funeral should reflect a person’s character, using your ideas, their own requests and incorporating their particular beliefs, passions and hobbies.

    Please see the list below for some examples of the different types of funerals we provide:

  • Cremation or burial

    A service of cremation may be chosen to co-ordinate with the family’s needs and at times is not attended at all by the family. A service of cremation can be a less expensive alternative to burial, especially if the cremated remains are scattered rather than buried as a final resting place. In this case it will not be necessary for a memorial to be placed.

    Burials may be chosen locally. For those living within the parish of a council run cemetery (Lewes Cemetery) the costs are less than for those living outside the council boundaries. The costs are also determined by whether the grave is new or existing and the depth of the grave that is chosen to be prepared.

    Lewes cemetery have no new graves available – at this moment, the council have made no plans for a new site. The cemetery will continue to open pre-purchased or existing graves.

    Please be advised that most churchyards within Lewes are now closed for new burials. If there is an existing grave within the family and it is deemed to have space, burial may granted by the incumbent of the church.

    Churchyards in the surrounding areas of Lewes such as Ringmer, Kingston, Barcombe etc. are still open for parishioners of the village, unless a specific reason can be given to the incumbent which may entitle a non-parishioner to be buried there.

    Natural burial grounds are also available. Clayton Wood is available for those who prefer to be part of a new English wood within the South Downs National Park. There is also a woodland burial ground within Woodingdean Cemetery.

  • Cremation without attendance

    This service is the most basic and therefore the least expensive service we offer. The crematorium, date and time is typically chosen by us and there are no provisions for using the crematorium chapel.

    The families who choose this service usually do so if it was the request of the deceased person to cause minimum fuss, if they are planning a memorial service/ceremony at later date, or if financially this is better suited to the funds they have available.

    Our service includes – the necessary administration for the cremation, local (15 mile radius) removal of the deceased person within office hours, care of their body until the day of the funeral, a simple coffin, vehicle and bearers to transport the coffin directly to the crematorium and if requested, the safe return of the ashes.

    Our charge for this service is detailed on our Complete Price List.

    Please feel able to discuss this option and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

  • Religious or non-religious

    We do not represent a single religion or culture and will assist you in whatever requirements you have.

    Should you need help in finding a religious or non-religious celebrant to conduct the funeral or advise you in a religion that may not be your own, we will gladly do our very best to help.

    For those who are religious, the person’s parish church or place of worship should be a support to you and will help provide a funeral service there, at the crematorium chapel, or at the graveside, should you so wish.

    Non-religious ceremonies can be held anywhere other than a religious building – unlike wedding venues, the building doesn’t need to be licensed.

    Celebrants are predominately non-religious but they are flexible and will include a hymn or a prayer if requested.

    We can assist you in making the best choice for you and your family as most of the local celebrants are known to us.

    For those who wish, it is also permitted for the family to officiate the ceremony.

  • Traditional funerals

    We are also able to offer authentic hearses in black or white, which may be drawn by a pair or team of four, Belgian black horses (Friesians). Alternatively, we can supply a pair of the very best white horses.

    The horses are traditionally dressed to draw the Victorian hearse with their Ostrich plume head-dress and modest drapes. Coloured plumes and flowers can be sought to decorate the hearse.

    For those who are local, Harvey’s also allow us to hire their dray.

  • Themed funerals

    Previous themes have included military and uniformed groups, bonfire societies, live music, artwork and sculptures, motorcycles or just asking people to dress in a specific colour.

  • And there’s more…

    There are a vast array of options available – so if there is something in particular which you feel would be fitting, please do ask.

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